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Niro Model MP1 Stainless Steel Multi Processor Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator/Coater

Stock #L1025-01

Reportedly very little used and only ran for validation Niro model MP1 stainless steel multi processor fluid bed dryer/granulator/coater. Can be used for drying, top spray fluid bed granulation and bottom spray powder, pellet and tablet coating. Filter chamber includes 12 litre product bowl which is hinge mounted and removable. Also includes cylindrical expansion chamber and hinge. Has flange, sightglass and lamp. Inlet air handling includes inlet air preparation unit with G4 inlet filter, steam air heating coil, face/bypass damper with actuator and F8 fine filter. Also has Ventex ESI-R (10 bar) inlet explosion protection valves including controls. Process air bypass system includes additional regulating valves to allow air to bypass the processing chamber. Fan is 10 bar pressure shock resistance with negative static pressure head to 14,000 pa driven by EEXD motor. Control system is Siemens S7/300 and 11A=MP-11A370 for location in zone 2 area. Includes product temperature sensor and indication. In addition to standard unit it includes additional 16 litre stainless steel product container and sample socket with Perspex flask. Includes top spray lance assembly with nozzle set and through the wall peristaltic pump. Has Precision coater insert for 12 & 16 litre containers with pellet retaining element and additional nozzle inserts. Has secondary dust filter for use with the Precision coating process (10 bar PSR). Also has PRE heater and humidification coil. Includes dehumidification unit and H13 Hepa inlet filter. Also includes exhaust police filter with EPV and batch data recording system, data recording and trending package. Supply voltage 380 volt 3/50. Reportedly minimum batch weight 0.16 kg and maximum batch weight 6 kg. New 2005 and last used on 1.5-5 kg batches. Reportedly little used and in excellent condition.

Location: Perry England Warehouse
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