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Buehler 316 Stainless Steel Fluid Bed Dryer Line

Stock #UG6044

Used fluid bed dryer line for production coated granules. Line consist of:
– stainless steel (Aisi 316) mixing tank with volume 1 M3 for coating liquid preparation.
– peristaltic Dosing pump by Watson Marlow for feeding coating liquid. Working output up to 80 l/h, driven by electric motor 0.18 kW and is equipped with flow meter by Krohne.
– two powder container mounted on scale for preparing doses of powder. Each container with volume 1.2 M3. Designed in stainless steel (Aisi 316). Includes weighting cells.
– Rotary valves (2 pcs) for Dosing a powder into fluid bed dryer. Equipped with frequency converters. Bigger valve has output up to 750 kg/h and is driven by 0.55 kW electric motor, smaller has output up to 150 kg/h and is driven by 0.18 kW electric motor.
– air filter for incoming air – air flow 15000 Nm3/h, pressure drop 300 pa.
– steam heater for air heating by Klima – steam pressure 4 bars, heating capacity 433 kW, working temperature of air – up to 200C.
– blower fan with silencer designed by Klima. Air flow – up to 15000 Nm3/h, pressure 7500 pa. Driven by electric motor 75 kW. Equipped with frequency converter and air flow measurement device.
– fluid bed dryer by Buehler with coating nozzles (8 pcs). Can be used as continous work mode and as a batch type as well. Air flow 10000 Nm3/h, working temperature of air up to 200C. Contact parts designed in stainless steel (Aisi 316). Drying surface 1 M2. Dryer is equipped with temperature of product measurement devices (4 pcs), pressure difference measurement devices (2 pcs), inlet air temperature measurement and regulation, flow indicator for coating liquid on each nozzle, measurement and regulation of general flow of coating liquid.
– cyclone for exhaust air cleaning. Designed for air flow up to 15000 M3/h. Material stainless steel. Equipped with Rotary valve – output 50 kg/h, driven by 0.18 kW motor.
– silos for final product – vertical, volume 50 M3, designed in stainless steel.

Location: EU
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