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18,5 Kw Homogenizing Mixer Millchem Ex

Stock #U2384-1

Used stainless steel contact parts homogenizing mixer by Millchem (UK), model FMG 25 HD. Machine has mixing shaft and three supporting bars, designed in stainless steel. Working length of shaft is 995 mm. Total length 1295 mm. Shaft is driven directly by el motor 18,5 kW, 1460 rpm, 380 V, 50 hz. Ex design – EExd11BT4. Machine is equipped with mixing stainless steel cage – outside diameter 296 mm x height 100 mm. Inside the cage, there is working a three blade turbine. Bottom plate of cage is solid, with 6 inlet perforation. Inside the cage – bottom plate has grinding surface. Whole agitator is hydraulically rised/lowered in range 104 cm, via hydraulic device, driven by el motor with power 1.1 kW (Ex design – EExd11BT4). Mixer is equipped with stainless steel mixing pan with total volume 1300 l. Inside diameter 1176 mm x length of straight side of wall 1246 mm. Pan has side wall discharge outlet and inclined bottom. Machine is mounted on carbon steel supports. Has local control panel and plastic top cover for mixing pan.

Location: Perry Poland Warehouse
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