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Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant With Output 5000 tons Per Year

Stock #UG6316

Little used waste plastic pyrolysis plant with output up to 5000 tons per year. Installation consist of two processing high temperature reactors/ovens, each with volume 10 000 l. Plastic waste had been loaded with basket loader into the reactor. Estimated weight of one batch up to 2000 kg per reactor. Pyrolisis process is made under neutral gase atmosphere. Plastic is melted under high temperature of gase feeded from the bottom. From 2000 kg of plastics installation had been receiving about 1000 kg of liquid Syngase. Installation has closed system of hot air, nitrogen generator and sedimention column. Plant had been planned for work on two reactors, but second never had been started. List of main machines available on request. Line still installed. Includes technical documentation. Installation new 2016/2017.

Location: Poland
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