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Washing and Sterilizing Glass Containers Line IMA Hydra 1000 6I Unused

Stock #UG6273

Unused line for washing and sterilizing glass containers by IMA. Consists of linear washer type Hydra 1000 6I with sterillizing tunnel type Blue Galaxy 550FL.
Machines new 2015, designed and manufactured according to cGMP standards.

– Washer ensures removal of at least 3 types of contamination – particles such as glass, fibres, oxides.
– Working speed up to 7200 containers/hour.
– Size range of containers: diameter from 20 up to 52 mm.
– Water for injection supply pressure in range 2.5-4 bar (1.5″ Tri-clover clamp).
– Demineralized water supply pressure 2.5-4 bar (1.5″ Tri-clover clamp).
– Compressed air supply pressure 6-10 bar (1.5″ Tri-clover clamp).
– Power supply voltage: 400V, 50 Hz, 3 PH +N +G. Installed power 5 kW. Heat loss 4 kW. Sound emission level <80Db.
– Height of outlet discharge: 950 mm (+/- 25 mm).
– Shipping dimensions: W 1650 mm x L 3655 mm x H 2000 mm x Weight 1650 kg.

– Sterillizing tunnel type Blue Galaxy 550 FL is working in continuous way and has vertical flow of hot air.
– Working width of the belt: 550 mm. Hot zone has working length 904 mm and has surface 0.5 m2. Cooling zone has length 1044 mm and surface 0.57 m2. Position of belt is at height 950 mm (+/- 25 mm) from ground level.
– Maximum working temperature in heating zone up to 350 C. Temperature in cooling zone 18C. Final temperature of containers at outlet 25C.
– Power supply: 400 Volt, 50 Hz, 3 PH + N +G. Main power consumption (heating) 30 KW. Cold chamber 24 kW, UPS (fans) 9 kW. Total installed power 63 kW.
– Cooling water temperature at inlet 9-11C, flow up to 5000 l/h.
– Aspiration at infeed zone 950 m3/h, air expelled from infeed zone 800 m3/h. Air supply in heating zone 200 m3/h, temperature in range 30-70C. Recycled air flow rate: heating zone 1200 m3/h, cooling zone 1440 m3/h. Heat lost in the environment – approx 9 kW.
– Dimensions: L 3050 mm x W 1705 mm H 2980 mm x Weight 2900 kg.
– Class 5 air according to ISO 14644 is guaranteed for the entire length of the tunnel.

Location: PL
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