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.52 Gallon Zentronik Model Z-2 PET Blow Molder

Stock #UG6128

Little used blow molder for work on production PET bottles from preforms by Zentronik (Poland) model Z-2. Machine has two dies and can work on production PET bottles with volume up to 2.0 l. Machine has nominal output up to 2200 pcs/h on bottles 1.5 l. Working pressure during the procces is adjustable and can reach 10 bar. Power supply 3* 380V / 50 HZ. Power installed 28 kW. Compressed air consumption at 10 bar pressure up to 100 M3/h. Compressed air consumption at 25 bar up to 90 M3/h. Cooling power in range from 12 up to 14 kW. Includes preform feeder. Bottles coming out in straight vertical position, easy to transfer them to filling machine. Machine runs in fully automatic mode. Shipping dimensions: D 2250 mm x W 1400 mm x H 1600 mm x W 1780 kg.

Location: Poland
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